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How To Sort Your Waste On Campus

On campus we have three types of waste, compost, recycling and landfill. 


  • Food waste is the most generally accepted compostable material. 
  • Since we bring our compost to a commercial composting facility on Bee's Ferry, we can also compost plant based plastic such as Greenstripe or EcoProduct items that are marked with a green stripe. 
  • At City Bistro and Marty's Place we have a pulper where you can dispose of any of these compostable items along with your food waste. Any items given out at these locations are compostable.


  • At Liberty Fresh Food Co, our team handles the sorting themselves, just leave it on the conveyor belt!



  • Recycling locations can be found throughout campus next to landfill bins. 
  • Look bins for cans, paper and plastic. 


For more information on campus waste, visit The Center for Sustainable Development's Zero Waste Page