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What's Our Role?

Dining Services and Aramark are committed to aligning with the College of Charleston in working towards campus climate goals.

The College of Charleston campus-wide goals aim to conduct entirely Zero Waste Operations by 2035 and to reach Net Zero Emissions by 2050. Dining Services plays a major role in reaching these goals, as food service and is a resource intensive process. We have three main operational areas where we can reduce our footprint, through Zero Waste, Operational Efficiency and Sustainable Sourcing.


  • Campus uses millions of pounds of material each year, these products all use resources in production, shipping and disposal.
  • Our Zero Waste goal requires us to divert at least 90% of our total waste away from the landfill, sending our waste towards composting and recycling plants instead and creating a more circular use of our resources. 
  • Minimizing our waste and switching to reusable materials when possible reducing our total waste and makes diversion easier.
  • The Center for Sustainable Development created a chart mapping the entire campus wide landfill diversion, with more than 60% still being sent to the landfill. 

  • Dining Services contributes to this goal through our composting program, recycling efforts and waste reduction practices.  


  • Local Sourcing and Sustainable Procurement are both priorities for Dining Services and Aramark. 
  • We have partnered with with locally based vendors Limehouse Produce and Growfood Carolina, which acts as the South Carolina's first local food hub. 
  • Beyond our food purchasing, we strive to purchase environmentally products for our operations and cleaning, that reduce our impact. 

checkOperational Efficiency 

  •  Using efficient and long lasting appliances allows us to reduce our energy, water and resource use. 
  • A major component of the Green Restaurant Certification requires upgrades to more efficient models when possible.