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CofC Farmers Market

Wednesday, February 19th Farmers Market 

Rita Hollings Promenade 

Product List

Dairy and Eggs:

Chocolate Milk

Whole milk

Full fat yogurt

Nonfat yogurt

Clemson Blue Cheese 

Charleston Caviar Pimento Cheese

Large Eggs



Pink lady apples


Spring Onions



Red cabbage

Hydroponic lettuce 



Bulls Bay Saltworks 

One Love Kombucha

Cocoa Academic chocolate 

Environment Sustainability is a fundamental part of our mission, guiding how we operate. We reduce our environmental impact through practices that enrich and support the natural environment. 

What is Green Thread?

Through Green Thread, our environment sustainability platform, we bring innovative and efficient solutions to life. We are passionately focused on reducing the environmental impact within our operations. We continuously improve our own practices, while offering expertise and practical solutions.

We place special emphasis on responsible sourcing, waste minimization, efficient operations, and transportation management. But we don't stop there. We measure our impact and hold ourselves accountable to continuously improve.

Responsible Sourcing

We purchase local, seasonal and responsibly raised, grown and sourced products whenever possible. We firmly believe responsible sourcing has a direct impact on our local and global economies, our health and wellness and the environment. With every purchase we engage suppliers and partners in an effort to source environmentally and socially responsible products. 

Waste Minimization

We minimize our waste by reducing, reusing and recycling. We minimize our footprint through our waste reduction efforts. Across our operations, we have established practices from initial purchase to final waste disposal that decrease the overall cost of waste both environmentally and financially.

Efficient Operations

We implement practices to conserve natural resources and ensure operational efficiencies. Fueled by the understanding that our day-to-day actions have an impact, we work closely with our clients to conserve energy and water.

Transportation Management

We ensure our transportation programs reduce fuel usage and emissions. Transportation provides a vital circulation system that enables delivery of the highest quality product and service. With our vehicle fleet of thousands, it’s essential for us to minimize our use of fossil fuels and generation of emissions.

What We're Doing on Campus

We work together to continually develop and implement sustainable solutions.