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Green Restaurant Certification

  • Marty’s Place, our kosher, vegan and vegetarian dining hall was awarded a Level 3 Green Restaurant Certification from the Green Restaurant Association in 2021. We implemented a variety of more sustainable techniques ranging from using recyclable packing, installing restroom occupancy sensors and more efficient appliances for the certification. 

  • We are proud to offer students the opportunity to Dine Green!


 Zero Waste Certification

  • After our Green Restaurant Certification, we decided to take sustainability at Marty’s Place further and began to pursue a TRUE Zero Waste Certification. Marty’s Place is currently pre-certified and working towards full certification. 

  • The TRUE Certification requires Marty’s Place to use a variety of waste reduction strategies and display that we divert at least 90% of our waste from the landfill. 

  • We do this with an in-house pulper, processing our food and compostable plastic waste and various landfill waste reduction strategies.

 Photo of the exterior of Marty's Place restaurant